Censored Plandemic

YouTube censorship is highly active as the Plandemic documentary trends on Twitter despite being removed by YT and Facebook. The Plandemic documentary is just one among many videos being censored lately, including the Bakersfield doctors’ video. Among the recent viral videos pulled by YouTube is the background narrative that they are based in conspiracy theory. Dr. Judy Mikovits of the Plandemic documentary claims that she was silenced and jailed years ago by Dr. Fauci and others for her work on HIV & chronic fatigue syndrome and “potentially damning evidence about viruses.” She reportedly was arrested for stealing documents that would never be confirmed and the case was dropped.

Dr. Mikovits is being called an anti-vaxxer despite the majority of her work being in immunotherapy/virology. Dr. Fauci denies her allegations yet questions still remain about Fauci’s past and his relation to the Wuhan lab as well as connections to drug manufacturer Gilead and their investor Bill Gates and Fauci’s questionable support of Remdesivir over Hydroxychloroquine. The major issue against Dr. Mikovits is her claim that masks will make you sick which is what the CDC initially indicated a few months ago.

Please, watch the documentary if you haven’t already, as we eagerly await part 2 to air and Fauci’s past to clear. As always, please, let us know your opinion in the comments.

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